Totem is pleased to announce the launch of The Hockey News Live video series.

Shot in Totem’s studios at 111 Queen East in Toronto, The Hockey News Live is hosted by The Hockey News’ Matt Larkin. He’s joined by colleagues Ken Campbell and Ryan Kennedy for a weekly, fast-paced discussion of all things hockey – from the latest news to details on rising stars to fantasy picks and regular rants. The show can be found on the newly redesigned The Hockey News website.

The show emerged from a new relationship formed between Roustan Media, owner of The Hockey News, and Totem. Early in 2018 Totem took on media sales representation for The Hockey News and began discussions on the production of a video series to supplement THN’s already successful podcast series.

The Hockey News Live is being produced weekly throughout the NHL season, capturing the attention of committed hockey fans on both sides of the border and creating new media opportunities for advertisers. This is significant for both Totem and Roustan Media, as it’s THN’s first foray into weekly video programming and Totem’s first high-frequency short-turnaround video production.

While the team at THN develops in-depth hockey content for The Hockey News Live, The Hockey News Podcast, website and print magazine, Totem engineered a new process for quick-turnaround video deployment. Each show is shot, edited and ready for release within 24 hours. A three-camera setup allows for multiple views, while overlays and on-screen graphics create an engaging visual experience. This allows the show to be produced on an aggressive schedule for minimal cost.

As has been demonstrated through the massive growth and increasing popularity of online video, speed to market, frequency and authenticity are keys to generating large engaged audiences. “Totem is pleased to enter this market with a strong partner,” says James McNab, Totem’s general manager. “We look forward to helping other brands use video to engage their customers.”

Contact James McNab if you’re interested in producing videos for your brand.

Contact Nicole Mullin, Director, Media Sales, if you’re interested in advertising on The Hockey News Live.