Totem is a content agency. We work with our clients to create original content, design content experiences and monetize content and experiences.


We are a diverse group of Creators, Journalists, Designers, and Technologists.


We are focused on our clients’ audiences, their customers and their brand.


We help our clients generate long-term value through customer relationships and brand equity.


Who we work with.

Totem client logos
Totem client logos


What we do.


  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Content
  • Video and Animation
  • Photography and Illustration
  • Digital Content Programming and SEO
  • Production Management


  • Magazine and Editorial Design
  • Responsive Web and Mobile
  • Experiential
  • Design Research and Strategy


  • Project Planning and Management
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Analytics
  • Content Management

Media Sales


Who you’ll be working with.

  • James McNab | General Manager

    James McNab

    General Manager
  • Nicole Mullin | Commercial Director

    Nicole Mullin

    Director, Media Sales
  • Paul Ferriss | Content Director

    Paul Ferriss

    Director, Creative & Editorial

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  • James McNab

    General Manager
    +1 (416) 823-2103

  • Nicole Mullin

    Director, Media Sales
    +1 (647) 294-6996

Toronto Office

111 Queen Street East | Suite 320 | Toronto, ON | Canada | M5C 1S2
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General Inquiries

James McNab

General Manager
+1 (416) 847-8197
+1 (416) 823-2103

Jen Robinson

Commercial Director
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+1 (416) 709-4678

Nicole Mullin

Commercial Director
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+1 (647) 294-6996

Toronto Office
37 Front St. East
Toronto, ON
Canada  M5E 1B3
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